Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)

Level / Field(s) of Study
Undergraduate, Masters and PhD
280 Chinese Universities
Study in
Target Group
Scholarship Value
3500 Yuan per Month

If you’re interested in applying to the Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) 2023-2024, then you’ve made an excellent choice, but you’ll also have to prepare yourself to face some unique challenges. This is particularly true if you have never applied for a scholarship before and are not familiar with the process.

Fortunately, the CSC Scholarship includes all of the information that you need to know about applying, as well as how your application will be judged and what happens if you get accepted into the program.

Consider studying abroad in 2023-2024 with the most sought-after CSC Scholarship. In this article, we’ll explore the CSC scholarship, how it works, and how to apply.

If you’re an international student, we can provide you with a CSC Scholarship from 2023 to 2024. It offers fully-funded scholarships for all undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in more than 280 Chinese universities. There’s no obligation to housing, but you will have access to Chinese insurance. You’ll get 3500 Yuan per month with your Chinese Government Scholarship 2023.

International students from all over the world are eligible to apply for this scholarship which promotes education, culture, trade, exchanges in education and politics, cooperation, and mutual understanding between other countries and China.

A Chinese Government Scholarship application must be submitted online through the CSC scholarship portal. After submitting the application, the candidate should apply to the university of their choice and send the required documents along with their CSC scholarship application form.

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Eligibility Requirements of CSC Scholarship 2023

Here are the following requirements for applying for the Chinese Government Scholarship:

  Foreign Student (outside of Chinese nationality)

  Chinese government or delegations have not issued any other scholarships.

Minimum Age Requirement:

  A student must not be older than 25 years old to enroll as an undergraduate,

  The age limit for master’s degrees is 35 years

  There is a 40-year-old age limit for Ph.D. degrees

Minimum Academic qualification:

  For undergraduate students, the Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent is required.

  A bachelor’s degree is required for a master’s degree

  Get a master’s for the doctoral degree.

CSC Scholarship 2023 Benefits

The following is what a Chinese Government Scholarship recipient might enjoy:

  Type A CSC Scholarship includes registration fees, room and board, medical insurance, and a monthly allowance (between 2,500 and 3,500 Yuan per month, about 350 to 500 USD respectively).

⇒, Unlike Type A CSC Scholarships, Type B CSC Scholarships do not include a monthly allowance for personal expenses.

  Type C of the CSC Scholarship offers limited benefits as well.

  As a result of the high demand for Type A scholarships, they are more competitive. It may be better to apply for a Type B or Type C scholarship if you have money for living expenses.

How to Apply for CSC Scholarship 2023?

To apply for Chinese Government Scholarships, follow these simple and easy steps:

Application Period: There are different deadlines for different authorized agencies and universities for the application of the CSC Scholarship.

  Check the deadlines of the universities you are considering.

  This CSC portal account allows you to apply for three universities with this CSC Scholarship application (in English or Chinese).

  When filling out your scholarship application form, the first question you’re going to come to will ask which type of scholarship it is. This may be easier to answer if you look up the name of the agency and/or university providing the funding before-hand.

  The required documents must be attached in PDF format after you have completed the Chinese Government Scholarship online application.

  Please download this application after submitting your online Chinese Government Scholarship application.

  Here you can select a Chinese University and Course.

  Ensure that the Chinese University of your choice accepts online applications for admission and Chinese Government Scholarships.

  If this school requires an online application, submit your Chinese Government Scholarship application via that school’s website.

  Make 2 sets of documents with the following lists, and send it to the university address.

  Candidates are not selected by random. In the end, results are going to be available on the same page of the application in mid-July. At this point, the entities responsible for making selections begin to distribute the necessary documentation.

Required Documents for CSC Scholarship 2023

Completed application form: After registering for the Chinese Government Scholarships you will find it.

(1) Degrees and transcripts attested by a notary public.

(2) A foreigner’s physical examination form or an official medical form: This form must be filled out by a doctor and need to be signed by him/her and sealed by the hospital/medical center where you did it. Applicants who apply more than six months after the date of application must apply with at least one stamp on top of the card photograph.

(3) English or Chinese CV: This information can be attached in a document or filled out directly on the application form (the space is quite limited, so I suggest attaching the information in an attached document).

(4) Two letters of recommendation from your last university professors, one of which is in English or in Chinese.

(5) TOEFL or IELTS diploma if you plan to study in English and you are not a native English speaker: It is typical for universities to set minimum scores for both diplomas depending on the type of course. If you do not have an IELTS certificate, you can also provide a simple certificate that states that your last degree was taught in English. This certification is a certificate of English proficiency.

(6) A study plan or research proposal.

(7) Passport Copy.

(8) You can use your HSK to qualify for this scholarship if you want. The Chinese government plans to fund up to two years of university study in Chinese so that you can reach the required language level for the course that you want to take. Nevertheless, this logic only holds up for courses in your language, not courses taught in English. The reason for this is the high enrollment rate in courses in the former and the low enrollment in courses in the latter.

(9) An important but not necessary requirement is an acceptance letter from professors of a university in China that you want to attend. Some universities want to see a letter and some universities do not care if you have one but it is beneficial if you have one. If you’re going for the limited-seats university then you have to apply for the acceptance letter and you will have a preference.

If you are going to high-ranked universities then you have to apply for the acceptance letter, you will have a preference. Get an early head start on your search for schools by emailing professors and opening the door with your own style, as plagiarizing or just duplicating another person’s email is definitely not going to help you get into a university.

Tips: Here is a step-by-step process for finding a university. To find what a University offers, enter their name into Google and add ‘Faculty of Biochemistry or Life Sciences, as an example Zhejiang University Faculty of Biochemistry or Life Sciences. You will find the Faculty’s website and offers. Send an email to your professor if he or she has not responded. However, do not overwhelm them with a constant barrage of messages if they have not acknowledged your presence in the class yet.

(10) Having a pre-admission letter from the destination university, which confirms that you are wanted as a student, is also important, but not essential. In order to be awarded the scholarship at that university, you must have a degree from that university and have been known by that university for your merits. The university may send you to another of your priority universities (during the application process, you can specify three universities depending on your preference) or, in the worst case, to any university they wish.

(11) Other documents: Attach any publications or distinctions you have.

(12) Any Chinese university that requires an application screening fee should be submitted. Print the receipt and attach it to the two sets of documents listed above.

Note: It would be better if you could send your CSC scholarship application documents to the destination college with a reliable delivery service in time for them to arrive there.


For more information about the Chinese Government Scholarship visit the CSC official website:

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