MEXT Scholarship

Level / Field(s) of Study
Undergraduate / Masters / PhD
Japanese Universities
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Target Group
Scholarship Value
117,000 yen per month

Winning the MEXT Scholarship, the largest fully-funded scholarship available to international students in Japan will help you achieve your dreams of pursuing higher education in Japan by covering your tuition and living expenses for an entire year. Are you ready to apply? Before you jump into it, you may want to check out this guide on how to win the MEXT Scholarship from start to finish.

The MEXT Scholarship for the 2023-2024 year is a fully funded scholarship program for international students of undergraduate, masters, PhD, and vocational training programs. As part of the MEXT scholarship, tuition fees, a monthly living allowance, accommodations, and round-trip airfare expenses from your country to Japan are covered.

International undergraduate and graduate (Masters and PhD) students who wish to study in Japan may be eligible for MEXT Scholarships provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

Normally, the Application process for the MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship will open in April and Japanese Language or English IELTS/TOEFL will not be required.

Scholarship recommended by Mext embassy. Your application will be processed through your country’s Japanese embassy. (the links to all embassies are provided below).

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MEXT Scholarship Coverage

The MEXT Scholarship 2023 allows international students to study in Japan for free. The scholarship includes the following benefits

Courses Offered: All Japanese universities offer courses in Social Science, Engineering, Medicine, Health, Arts, and Humanities. There are no field restrictions.

Program Period: 

  • Undergraduate: 4-5 Years, 
  • Masters: 2-3 Years, 
  • PhD: 3-4 Years

Allowances: Monthly stipend and prep allowance (rate to be announced at year’s end)

Education Fees: MEXT will cover the entrance exam fee as well as the university tuition fee for eligible students.

Traveling Expenses: You will be covered for your round-trip airfare to Japan by MEXT. For the flight, the airline will issue an Economy-class ticket.

Accommodations: Universities’ international residence halls.

Eligibility Criteria for MEXT Scholarship 2023

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify for MEXT Scholarships:

Required Language: English

Eligible Countries: All world countries

Individuals need to be a citizen of a country that has diplomatic ties to Japan.

At the time of application, applicants with Japanese nationality are not eligible.

For Undergraduate Students: Applicants must be at least 17 years old and under 25 years old, and have completed 12 years of schooling or courses equivalent to those offered by a high school (including prospective graduates).

For Masters / PhD Students: College graduates (including prospective graduates) or students with 16 years / 18 years of education must be under 35 years of age.

For Teacher training students: To be eligible, you must be younger than 35 years old, have a college degree, and have five years of active experience teaching at the primary, secondary, or postsecondary level.

For Japanese Study Students: The scholarship program is for people aged 18 to 30. They need to be enrolled as undergraduate students in faculties or schools of universities outside Japan that major in the Japanese language or culture. They need to be enrolled in their home institution when they return to their home countries.

How to Apply for MEXT Scholarship 2023?

Here are the instructions for how to apply for the MEXT scholarship:

⇒  Here you can find the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country.

⇒  The MEXT scholarship can be found under the Education / Scholarship tab on the website of the Japanese Embassy in your country.

⇒  If you want to get a MEXT scholarship, please download the application form and fill it out.

⇒  Submit the documents needed to your Japanese embassy (list below).

⇒  You can take a sample written test in the form of questions with answers from the Japanese Embassy.

⇒  Once this interview is conducted, the remaining candidates will be interviewed.

⇒  The successful candidates will be informed through email or through a visit to the embassy website.

Documents Required for MEXT Scholarship 2023

(1) Application form for MEXT Scholarships

(2) An official stamp certifying the highest degree.

  • Bachelors degree applicants: 12 Years of Education
  • Master’s degree applicants: Bachelor’s degree
  • Ph.D. degree applicants: Master’s degree

Note: Translation into English will be required if the degree is not given in the native tongue.

(3) An official transcript verifying the highest degree earned. (this includes the grading system).

  • Bachelors degree applicants: 12 Years of Education
  • Master’s degree applicants: Bachelor’s degree Transcripts
  • Ph.D. degree applicants: Master’s degree Transcripts

Note: Diplomas that are not in English must be accompanied by notarized copies of translations or are translated into English an essential requirement.

(4) Two recommendation letters: In either English or Spanish, teachers, advisors, or employers (who can evaluate your academic performance and research potential) must write letters of recommendation for the applicant. (for research students)

(5) A scanned copy of the passport (if available at the time of application)

(6) Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume (for research students)

(7) Photographs

(8) This statement of purpose is written in English and is part of the study plan. Contents shall include motivation for applying, educational background, and prospective study at APU. (for research students)

(9) English Language Proficiency Certificate: For students whose language institute was based in English, they are exempt from the Language Test if they submit a certificate of English proficiency from their home university.

(10) An academic thesis or relevant publication (for research students)

(11) Other reference documents (if applicable)


If you are interested in the MEXT scholarship 2023, please visit the official website.

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