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Are you an international student looking for a great opportunity to further your studies?

Look no further! Monash University Scholarships is offering an amazing fully funded opportunity for international students for the 2023-2024 academic year. The scholarship provides a living allowance of $35,600, a relocation allowance of $550, and a research allowance of $1,500 per year to masters and doctoral research students. If you’re interested in applying for this incredible scholarship, then read on for more information!

Each year, different faculties are awarded the Monash Silver Jubilee Scholarship (MSJS), which provides financial support to students. An award for a PhD student who wants to study at Monash is available through this prestigious scholarship.

A Monash Scholarship rewards achievement and helps you achieve your dreams, no matter your obstacles.

International students and domestic students studying for a Research Masters or Doctorate degree are eligible for Australian Government Scholarships. You will be awarded a Monash scholarship based on your academic record and any research outputs you have produced.

In 1958, Monash University was founded in Melbourne. It was named after a prominent World War I general. There are five campuses affiliated with the university, four in Victoria, one in Malaysia, and one in Caulfield, Victoria.

Additionally, Monash University has a teaching and research center in Prato, Italy, a graduate school in Mumbai, India, and one in Suzhou, China.

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Scholarship Offered

Monash University Scholarships for international students can provide a range of benefits to students who receive them. Some potential benefits of this Scholarships include the following:

Monash Silver Jubilee Scholarship:

  • Annual living allowance: $36,200.
  • Relocation allowance: $550.
  • Research allowance per annum: $1,500.

Monash Research Training Program:

  • Annual living allowance: $30,000.
  • Relocation allowance: $1,500.

Monash Graduate Scholarship:

  • Annual living allowance: $30,000.
  • Relocation allowance: $1,500.

  Financial support:

Monash University Scholarships can provide financial support to help cover the costs of tuition, books, housing, and other expenses related to studying at the university. This can be especially helpful for students who may not have the financial resources to cover these costs on their own.


Receiving a scholarship from Monash University can be a prestigious honor that recognizes your academic achievements or other accomplishments. This recognition can be an essential factor in helping you stand out in the job market after graduation.

  Networking opportunities:

Many Monash University Scholarships come with opportunities to connect with other scholarship recipients, university staff, and industry professionals. These connections can be valuable resources for networking and building professional relationships that may be beneficial to your career after graduation.

  Focus on studies:

Monash University Scholarships can provide students with the financial support they need to focus on their studies, rather than having to worry about working part-time or taking on other commitments to cover the costs of their education. This can help students perform better academically and make the most of their time at the university.

  Enhanced learning opportunities:

Some Monash University Scholarships may come with additional learning opportunities, such as internships or research assistantships, which can provide students with valuable hands-on experience and help them develop new skills and knowledge.

Monash University Scholarship Deadlines:

Monash Silver Jubilee Scholarship application deadlines are as follows:

  October 31 (annual)

The following deadlines apply to the Research Training Program and Monash Graduate Scholarship:


Opens September 1, and ends March 31

DOMESTIC (Round 2)

Open November 1, and ends May 31


Opens April 1, and ends August 31

DOMESTIC (Round 4)

Opens June 1, and ends October 31

Eligibility Criteria for Monash University Scholarship 2023

Candidates applying for the Monash University Scholarship must fulfill the following criteria:

Required Language: English

  English Language Test requirements for General: score 6.5 overall in IELTS (at least band 6.0 in each band), 79 + Reading 13 in TOEFL, and Speaking 18 + Writing 21 in TOEFL.

  English Language Test requirements for Arts, Business, and Economics: an applicant must have (6.5 or higher) on all parts of the IELTS and a TOEFL Speaking score of 24 and TOEFL Reading and Listening at 19 in order to qualify.

Eligible Countries: All world countries

  • An International student.
  • A New Zealand citizen.
  • An Australian citizen.
  • Australian permanent resident.
  • Australian humanitarian visa holder.

  An undergraduate degree that normally includes a research component in the fourth year leading to an honors 1 or 2A in the field of study;

  Courses leading to a level equivalent to an honors 1 or 2A in a relevant field as determined by the relevant department, faculty, and committee;

  A Master’s degree normally requires extensive research and work which equates to the completion of at least 25% of one full-time year of work including a research thesis. It is often a prerequisite that a student with a Masters degree will receive honors from their degree in order to maintain their rank. These essays are not graded and examiners’ reports are taken into account.

  In GRC’s opinion, their credentials match our requirements.

  An applicant’s academic record, research output, and prior research experience are considered when awarding scholarships.

  Over the past six months, you have not held any Australian Government Postgraduate Research Awards or Monash Postgraduate Research Awards.

How to Apply for Monash University Scholarship 2023?

The following instructions will help you apply for the Monash University scholarship 2023:

  To receive an invitation to apply, you will need to complete an expression of interest and/or find a supervisor who will supervise your research. According to the faculty/institute, this will vary.

  To apply for Graduate Research Admissions and Scholarships, click (Apply Now).

  Here are instructions for every part of the online application.

  You do not need to fill out a separate scholarship application form if you wish to be considered for a scholarship. Indicate your interest on the application form.

  As you are automatically considered for any applicable scholarships (depending on eligibility), you do not have to tell us which scholarship you are applying for.

Required Documents:

  • Academic curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Transcripts, diplomas, or degrees from granting institutions (including grading scheme explanations).
  • Citizenship proof.
  • English language proficiency proof.
  • Application Invitation.
  • Proposal for research.


In order to apply for the Monash University scholarship and find out more details, visit their official websites

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