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Are you an international student looking for a fully funded scholarship for your master’s studies?

Look no further than the University of New Haven Scholarship 2023-2024! This highly coveted scholarship offers a range of benefits, including 75% tuition assistance and experiential learning and work opportunity. In this blog post, we will discuss the eligibility criteria and application process for the University of New Haven Scholarship, as well as some tips to help you maximize your chances of winning this prestigious scholarship. Continue Reading to learn more!

Provost’s Assistant and Dean’s Awards are open to students from all over the world at the University of New Haven.

Founded in 1920, the University of New Haven offers a variety of degrees. Applicants will gain excellent teaching and learning experiences here.

How does the University of New Haven differ from other universities?

The university gives advice, skills, and knowledge to empower students and make the process of transitioning from applicant to professional.

Scholarship Offered

These are the following benefits available to students with this scholarship:

Provost’s Assistantship: The following will be provided to applicants:

  One year of experiential learning and on-site internships in every field they are considering pursuing after graduating.

  Tuition assistance of 75%

  Earnings per hour

Dean’s Scholarship: tuition assistance of 50%

Eligibility Criteria for the University of New Haven Scholarship

Students must meet all of the following requirements to qualify for the University of New Haven Scholarship:

Required Language: English

Eligible Countries: All world countries

  Applicants must have a record of achieving good qualifications before the event.

  Applicants from all over the world are eligible to apply for this educational bursary

  Students seeking admission to this University’s Masters program must be currently enrolled in the Masters degree program at this University.

How to Apply for the University of New Haven Scholarship?

Please be sure to follow the guidelines outlined in this scholarship application to apply for the award:

(1) Apply Now!

(2) One does not need to submit an application for the scholarship separate from their masters degree application to the university.

(3) Please upload the following documents.

  All transcripts (in English) from all colleges and universities attended must be mailed directly to our admissions office in sealed envelopes. It is not possible to submit official documents online, but unofficial documents can be uploaded through the application system for initial review only if official documents are not available.

  That being said, all admitted students must receive their official documents before the start of classes for the upcoming semester.

  Recommendation letters from two people

  Statement of Purpose

  Resume or curriculum vitae (CV)

  Requirements for English Language Proficiency (see here for more details):

  Majors that require GRE/GMAT test scores have the code 3663 for the GRE and P1X-DS-94 for the GMAT. More information can be found in the GRE/GMAT section of this page.


Visit the official website of the University of New Haven Scholarship for more information:

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