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Do you want to study in Austria?

There’s good news! You can study in Austria!

This is the time to submit an application to the Vienna International Postdoctoral Program. The purpose of this article is to give an overview of the scholarship program, its benefits, and how to apply.

The Vienna International Postdoctoral Program accepts applications for fellowships for international students in the academic year 2023-2024. This postdoctoral fellowship includes a yearly gross salary of €70,040, comprehensive healthcare, and an additional amount of €110 – €170 per month for each child.

The Vienna BioCenter (VBC) offers VIP2 fellowships to postdoctoral candidates who have backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, computer science, engineering, and bioinformatics. The first, academic mentor guides the fellows on their project, while the second mentor can be chosen from the Research Institutes, VBC Biotech Sector, VBC Alumni Network, and Beyond.

Vienna International Postdoctoral Program accepts only people with projects that will evolve into new fields of study, acting as a launch pad for the scientists’ eventual path to independence. Those that bring diverse disciplinary backgrounds together on a single project are highly encouraged.

Under the motto “Inform, Inspire, Innovate,” Vienna International Postdoctoral Program provides more than an exceptional research environment.

A research culture that nurtures scientific excellence and creativity.

→  Two-mentor mentoring scheme for effective career planning

→  Mentoring and coaching by VIP2’s Advisory Board (VAB)

→  Broad training programs on various transferable and research-related skills

→  Introduction of a job-sharing program for postdocs

→  It introduces a diversity of the network of professionals that are renowned.

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Scholarship Coverage

As a recipient of the Vienna International Postdoctoral Program, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

Salary: In accordance with Austrian law, each fellow receives a yearly gross compensation of 70,040 EUR paid in 14 installments (12 months plus one-holiday bonus and one Christmas bonus).

→  Insurance coverage for the whole family

→  Social security benefits include fully paid maternity leave (16 weeks), paid parental leave (up to 24 months), pension contributions, and accident insurance.

→  If you are a family, the government gives you 110 – 170 EUR a month per child, depending on the child’s age.

→  Single-income families are entitled to tax deductions.

→  Mechanisms are in place for fellows to contribute to the cost of their own relocation.

Eligibility Criteria for Vienna Postdoctoral Program

Candidate must meet all of the requirements below to qualify for Vienna International Postdoctoral Program:

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Required Language: English.

Eligible Countries: Countries all around the world

→  To qualify, an applicant must have a PhD in life sciences or another field such as chemistry, physics, computer science, engineering, or mathematics.

→  Applicants must name one or more potential host groups who are involved in the proposed scientific project.

→  Cross-disciplinary and inter-lab collaborations are enthusiastically welcome.

→  Candidates must communicate with the mentor of their choosing and stay in contact as they are working on their research project.

→  There must be at least one first-author publication or manuscript published on bioRxiv or arXiv by the applicant.

A word of caution: All applicants need to complete the Marie Curie actions to receive the award by 15 June. That is, they shouldn’t have been living in or carrying out their main activities in Austria for more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to the deadline.

How to Apply for Vienna International Postdoctoral Program?

Below are the instructions for applying to the Vienna International Postdoctoral Program:

1) You can apply by clicking here and providing the following information:

→  Personal information: provide your name, contact information, and current educational/employment status

→  Please choose a primary field of scientific study from one of the 7 fields on the Vancouver BC coast and give 5 related keywords.

→  Preferably at least one first-author publication or manuscript.

→  A list of two referees and their contact information. Instructive emails will be sent automatically to referees by the system.

→  Before the application can be submitted, at least one reference letter must be uploaded into the system.

2) Please attach the following documents:

→  Detailed CV including education, scientific training, honors, etc.

→  Training certificates and transcripts in PDF format.

→  The proposal should be five pages long and complement the lab’s aims.

→  For the public, a one-page explanation of the project is necessary, to outline its societal impact.

→  Documentation (either an email or a formal letter) from the organization’s designated contact that outlines their support for your application.

3) When you got accepted, you proceeded to the next step in the hiring process which is the in-person interview.


For more information on the Vienna International Postdoctoral Program, please visit the following link:

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